A Division of the Martial Arts Unlimited Association

Axiom – Quest – Truth

Welcome to Axiom Martial Arts! 

Axiom Martial Arts (AMA) is a division of the Martial Arts Unlimited Association.  The AMA was created to promote martial arts as a modern fighting self-defense system breaking away from the traditions of the past.  Instead, AMA will show students how to make any martial art experience a more applicable streamlined self-defense system.  Head Instructor AJ Weimer, who is also the Executive Director for the MAUA, currently teaches this concept through Total Fighting Concepts also known as Zentaijujitsu at the AMA.  

What is AXIOM?

Axiom means a statement of truth.  The quest for a pure self-defense system is a cycle that has been occurring for thousands of years with hundreds of different martial arts.  The opinions of what a true self-defense system looks like varies quite a bit and in the world of mixed martial arts like the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC), that quest has become like muddy water.  For this reason AMA was born.  It is a simple belief that with the right mindset any martial art can be “modernized” into a good self-defense system.  

How it works

#1) Understand the difference between Martial Arts and Martial Fighting

Martial Arts are systems that were built on theory and some, perhaps, never really were tested in battle to see if it worked. However, there is still a lot to learn from martial arts when it comes to attribute building.  For example, coordination, speed, timing, are but a few examples of many attributes you can learn by doing any martial art. However, to apply this martial art into real combat will often times prove its ineffectiveness as proven in the early days of the UFC.

In contrast, martial fighting are systems that rid themselves of impractical theory and show what work.   The techniques will most likely not look very good but they are effective.  You can still learn attributes from martial fighting but perhaps not as much depth.  One thing lost with martial fighting is traditional culture and customs of the country the art came from.  Martial fighting gets down to the bare bones of what works.

#2) Identify the goal

One of the greatest travesties witnessed with the popularity of martial art competitions are the loss of self-defense effectiveness in that art.  For example, there are some martial fighting systems out there that were once great fighting arts, but the competition circuits with the rules and point systems have altered the art making them competition focused instead of street worthy systems.  Axiom Martial Arts bridges that gap for people by showing the practicality of any art to what can really work for you.

#3) Have the outcome in mind

To be effective in self-defense you have to have the outcome of winning.  This doesn’t mean getting a trophy or winning a tournament.  Its to destroy and conquer with complete conviction, determination, and lethalness to subdue and overtake your opponent.  AMA trains with this in mind.

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